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Jade Gua Sha

Jade Heart Gua Sha

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Product Description: Our Aventurine Jade Heart Gua Sha tool is perfect for those wanting to incorporate Gua Sha massage into their skincare routine. It's perfectly shaped to de-puff the under eye area and lift and sculpt the jawline.

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What is Jade Gua Sha?

Jade Gua sha tools have been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries. Once used to break up stagnant "Chi" and bring balance to the body, Jade Gua Sha tools have gained popularity for facial massage. Our Jade Heart Gua Sha tool has been adapted from the traditional Gua Sha technique. The Jade stone is believed to have skin healing properties and provide numerous beauty benefits such as reducing inflammation, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Over time, the use of Jade Heart Gua Sha can help release tension in facial muscles, increase blood flow, and sculpt the the jawline.

Types of Jade Gua Sha Tools

 At Gua Sha Shop, we offer two types of Jade Gua Sha tools. We stock the Aventurine Jade Heart Gua Sha and White Jade Heart Gua Sha.  it aids in stimulating blood flow and lymphatic flow, and reducing excess fluids. 

Green jade is associated with the heart chakra and is said to promote balance and harmony, making it ideal for reducing stress and promoting emotional well-being. It is also believed to have detoxifying properties and can help improve circulation. On the other hand, white jade is associated with the crown chakra and is believed to have a calming and purifying effect on the mind and body. While both types of jade gua sha can be beneficial for promoting overall health and well-being, the specific benefits may vary depending on individual preferences and needs.

Jade Gua Sha

Our Jade Heart Gua Sha is a designed with a scalloped edge for maximum jaw sculpting and skin detoxification. The tool can effectively de-puff and sculpt facial muscles whilst delivering relaxing facial massage. Regular use of a Jade Gua Sha can improve blood flow, stimulate collagen production and reduce puffiness. Incorporting gua sha massage into your skin care routine is a natural and safe way to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

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White Jade Stone

White Jade Stone is a highly sought-after stone that has become increasingly popular in Gua Sha facial tools. Seen by some as a symbol of purity and serenity, white jade is thought to promote relaxation and calm the nervous system. Our White Jade Heart Gua Sha tool boasts cooling properties that are perfect for alleviating inflammation and redness. When applied to the skin, it can aid in promoting the flow of stagnant lymphatic fluid, boosting blood circulation and reducing facial puffiness. 

Actual Jade Stone

With many Gua Sha tools on the self-care and beauty market, it is important to know that not all gua sha tools are made from genuine crystal or stone. When looking for a Jade Gua Sha tool, we recommend looking for features such as a cool and smooth surface, with a slightly translucent finish. Opting for a genuine jade stone will ensure that you reap the maximum benefits associated with this beauty practice.


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