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Jade Heart Gua Sha


Our Aventurine Jade Heart Gua Sha stone is perfect for those wanting to incorporate Gua Sha massage into their skincare routine. Perfectly shaped to de-puff the under-eye area and lift and sculpt the jawline.

Each Gua Sha arrives in a linen care pouch and eco-conscious packaging. 

Please Note: Facial Roller is not included.

The Aventurine Gua Sha can help:

  • smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduce puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • boost collagen production thanks to improved blood circulation
  • optimise the penetration and effectiveness of skincare products
  • promote relaxation and wellbeing
  • relieve jaw pain associated with teeth grinding, bruxism, and TMJ disorder
  • release tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and legs
  • improve the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out adhesions in the fascia

How to use your Gua Sha Tool

Prepare: Begin your gua sha facial massage by applying facial oil or moisturiser to clean skin. Before you begin, it's important to avoid performing gua sha on problem areas such as active breakouts, open wounds, or irritated skin.

Back of neck: Start by finding a curve to fit the base of your neck. Gently scrape the stone tool upwards towards your hairline 5 to 10 times. Repeat upward strokes on either side of your neck 5 to 10 times.

Front of neck and Chest: Start by gliding the large flat edge under the collarbones in outward strokes towards your shoulder. Repeat on the other side. Move onto the front of the neck by gently gliding the tool in an upward motion along the throat to under your chin.

Jawline: Glide your tool upwards from the center of the chin out to the earlobe to contour the jaw.

Cheeks: Start at the nose and work upwards in a sweeping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outwards toward your ears. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again, move down a bit more to the center of the chin, and scrape again.

Eyes: Start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outwards to the temple. Remember to use feather-like strokes.

Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead divide your forehead into three sections and glide your tool outwards. Then move down slightly and repeat the action

Finish: End your gua sha facial by gently scraping the sides of the neck in a downward motion. This will help to move toxins and excess fluids out of the system.

About Aventurine Jade:

Aventurine is known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically to the skin. This vivid green crystal is also thought to brighten and tone the skin and melt facial tension.

Note: All of our Gua Sha facial tools are handcrafted from genuine stones and crystals. Slight variations in colour and vein are considered normal and are an indication of genuine stone.

Want To Know More?

It is safe and beneficial to incorporate Gua Sha or Facial Rolling into your daily morning or evening skin care routine.

We recommend covering each area of the face with a maximum of 5-10 strokes/repetitions - it doesn't take much to see great results!

Note: Take care to avoid going over active breakouts or broken skin.

It is important to use gentle, feather strokes on delicate areas such as the eyes, throat and sides of the neck.

A slightly firmer pressure can be used on the jawline and the back of neck and shoulders

Rule of thumb: Never dig or pull at the skin with your tool. The gua sha should sit almost flat against the skin and glide with ease.

Clean your gua sha tool/facial roller after each use with warm water and gentle soap. To protect your tool from breakage, we recommend returning to the pouch after each use and store on flat surface.