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About Gua Sha Shop

At Gua Sha Shop, we offer a range of quality face and body massage tools that can easily be incorporated into your self-care and daily skincare routines. Drawing from the ancient Chinese rituals of gua sha massage, we believe wellness and skincare rituals are a means of connecting our minds and bodies and bringing balance to our lives. By spending just a few minutes a day practicing self-care, we can learn to listen to our bodies, breathe a little deeper, and unwind our nervous system.


As users of the gua sha massage technique, we know facial  massage not only has the ability to transform how we feel but can have a profound impact on the way we look. After using many different gua sha massagers over the years, we discovered that not all massage tools are created equally. Many gua sha tools struggle to glide against the skin of the face meaning they are not capable of delivering an effective massage. This is why set out to curate a range of massage tools that actually work.


Our facial tools hug the varying contours of the face and body ensuring an effective massage to deliver results you can feel and see. Our tools are not only functional, but they're beautiful too. Each massage tool is handcrafted from high-grade natural stone and crystal known for its skin healing benefits. We inspect each piece to ensure your massage tool is of the highest standard of craftsmanship.


We are confident you will enjoy using our gua sha tools and facial rollers as much as we do. We thank you for choosing our facial tools to be part of your self-care ritual.




The Gua Sha Shop 



Our FAQ's page can answer questions about the benefits, application methods & use as part of your daily skincare ritual.


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